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This gin is 'infused' with Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts

You can find a lot of gin, whiskey, and other liquors infused with a variety of flavors. Now, there is a gin that is 'infused' with motorcycle parts from Harley-Davidson.

The gin is called The Archaeologist Gin created by custom motorcycle designer Uwe Ehinger, who also known as 'The Archaeologist.'  The gin comes in three 'flavors' - the 1939 Flathead, the 1947 Knucklehead, and the 1962 Panhead.

Each bottle of the limited edition of “The Archaeologist” is unique and comes in tailor-made packaging that resembles the original packaging of the used motorcycle parts. Wrapped bottles, wrapped by waxed wrapping paper, which tells the story of each part in the bottle. Selected cardboard and colors. Processed with an original Heidelberg crucible printing press from 1931. Hand-stamped and sealed seal as well as the riveted hang tag with the unique serial number of the motorcycle part preserved in the bottle. All parts are specially cleaned and sealed with a tin alloy foodstuff.

Check out the images below.

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