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Watch Milwaukee's Angie Swan play on a REAL air guitar at CES 2018

Angie Swan, CES 2018

Milwaukee's Angie Swan is one of city's most talented musicians.
Milwaukee's Angie Swan is one of the city's most talented musicians. She has toured and played with artists like Will.I.Am and Macy Gray and spent three years touring with the Cirque du Soleil show ‘Amaluna.' She attended school at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her classmates included St. Vincent and Esperanza Spalding.

While she isn't traveling around the world you can catch her at Jazz Estate for her Funk Night jam session. The next one is on Jan. 16.  Recently she performed for the annual  Consumer Electronics Show aka CES. But it wasn't your typical performance.  Swan performed within a band with invisible instruments courtesy of Intel.

In the video below you can watch Angie Swan play on an "invisible guitar." Actually, Swan is wearing a special glove that allows her to play music just like she would on a real guitar.  The gloves sense Swan's motion using Intel's location technology to locate her gestures in a 3D space.

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