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How to do the Brewers home opener like a pro

We can almost hear the sweet sound of Bob Uecker's voice, the smell of grilled delicacies and the taste of that stadium sauce. Baseball season is here, we made it. While the season kicks off today for the Brewers in San Diego, many fans are anxiously awaiting the Home Opener on Monday, April 2. 

As a seasoned Opening Day ticket holder, I want to offer some of my best tips for this beloved day. Here’s my hit list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Do get to the parking lot early (if you are tailgating). The rule of thumb is that the lot opens 3 hours before first pitch, but for the Brewers home opener, expect the lots to open up earlier. I’ll be in line by 9 a.m.

Do dress warm. We were fortunate in 2010 with a warm, sunny 70 degree Brewers home opener, but the last few years have been on the cooler side. And, wear gloves if you plan on holding ice cold beverages.

Don't forget the tailgating essentials: a table, chairs, a grill, charcoal, matches/lighter, serving ware/utensils, koozies and any games or activities that suit your fancy. I have a homemade tailgate kit that travels with to every game that includes napkins, serve ware, utensils, lighter, cooking spray, hand sanitizer, koozies, oven mitts, etc. If you plan on going to a lot of games this year, consider building your own tailgate kit.

Do bring your Bluetooth speaker with a good playlist to set a good vibe for your tailgate. Or, a radio if you want to stream our Studio Session with Of Montreal at noon.

Do bring a sealed bottle of water with you into the game. It will come in handy mid-game and save you a few bucks. You can also bring snacks into the game if you prefer your own food. You just cannot bring in any outside alcoholic beverages. Here’s a refresher of what is not permitted inside Miller Park.

Do avoid the lines at the home plate gate entrance. If there’s a long line, try entering by TGI Fridays or around the back on the south side of the stadium.

Don’t forget that you have to go through a metal detector when entering the stadium. So, other than your keys, leave your valuable metal things at home.

Do grab a game program once you enter the stadium. It will help you familiarize yourself with the team and give you some good reading during breaks in the game.

Do check out the Bud Selig Experience. It’s inside the stadium and a worthwhile few minutes of exploring and learning a bit more about the history of baseball in Milwaukee.

Don’t get up during critical points in the game. Wait until the inning is over or if there is a break in play. Your section-mates will appreciate you for this. If you are getting up to cheer at the bottom of the ninth inning, well that’s a different story.

Don’t limit yourself to hot dogs and tailgating snacks. Save some room for a bite to eat inside the stadium. Check out some of the new offerings for 2018. I’ve got my heart set on some fifth inning perogies.

Do save your tailgating leftovers. After the game, fire up the grill again and heat up leftovers while waiting for the lot to clear and avoid the gridlock and rush hour traffic. It’s a day game, so get the most out of it.

Don’t be sour to visiting fans. It’s the first game of the season. Baseball isn't won in April. And, someday you may be visiting their backyard. So, just be nice.

Not interested in tailgating? Do take advantage of the many neighborhood bars that offer shuttles to Miller Park. Or, take a Bublr bike and park it at the new Miller Park station.

And probably the most important tip I can offer, do not forget your tickets at home.

Happy Baseball!