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Soon you might be able to build your own Milwaukee Art Museum out of LEGOs

A 3D artist from Budapest, Vida Andras, built the Milwaukee Art Museum out of LEGOs and is currently trying to gather enough support to have LEGO make it into an official kit for others to be able to make the museum themselves.

Andras initially designed the set for a LEGO competition last summer, and after winning first place, he decided he wanted to actually try to construct it.
Since then, Andras has entered the design into LEGO Ideas, where he hopes to gain 10,000 supporters by January 2020. If he can do this, a LEGO review board will then decide whether or not to accept the idea and turn it into a product that others can purchase in order to design their own Milwaukee Art Museum Calatrava.

Andras has a background in architecture and said that he was eager to replicate Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum pavilion.

"I was always fascinated about the architectural language Calatrava is using," Andras wrote on the LEGO Ideas site under his design pitch. "Trying to represent the beautiful curves and lines from the real building was challenging, but after some structure tests and shape studies, I arrived at my build."

Anyone who wants to support Andras' idea can go to the LEGO Ideas website, create an account and click the support button for his Milwaukee Art Museum LEGO set design.

Andras certainly hopes the idea will become a reality as he writes, "It would make a beautiful addition to the already amazing models, it has a various mix of bricks for future creativity, and possibly inspiring to young and older people as well."