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Drinks and Dundees: Cudahy's City Lounge will host an 'Office' pop-up bar

Pop-up bars are all the rage right now. It seems like every week or so we read about a bar or restaurant pays homage to some popular franchise or another, but City Lounge hosted one of the more memorable ones this winter, going all out for a "Game of Thrones"-themed pop-up bar. And now the Cudahy bar is doing it again, reinventing itself as a Scranton paper company in tribute to the hit NBC sitcom "The Office."

Judging from the event's Facebook events page, the organizers have binged their share of the series. Among the promised attractions:

-- Shoot hoops in the warehouse
-- Sit at the desk of your favorite employee
-- Find hidden references
-- Checkout the weekly changing conference room
-- Enter to win a Dundee

The Office | NBC/Universal

There will also be a themed drink menu. The pop-up bar will run seven days a week from Aug. 30 - Sept. 22, at which point it will presumably continue to live on in reruns and internet memes indefinitely.

You can find more information on City Lounge's Facebook page.