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Miller High Life and PBR take dive bars in new and exciting directions

Would you rather sleep in a dive bar or taste a dive bar? Thanks to a couple creative partnerships from a pair of beloved Milwaukee beer brands, you don’t have to choose.

First up, we have Miller High Life: “The Champagne of Beers” featuring the whimsical Girl in the Moon neck label is now an ice cream bar. The new variety from New York’s Tipsy Scoop is called Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bars, and the location-inspired ingredients list is really something:

  • High Life-infused ice cream with a 5% ABV
  • Peanut swirl to account for the preferred floor-littering snack of dive bars everywhere
  • Hint of tobacco smoke flavor because some states still let you do that in bars
  • Caramel swirl to represent the sticky floor you forget about between bathroom trips
  • Sprinkle of carbonated candy for that “Champagne of Beers” bubbliness
  • Dark-chocolate dip because no self-respecting dive bar could ever be described as “well-lit”

Because human beings are a naturally curious bunch, the bars have oscillated between sold out and available during this writing. But you can try buying a six-pack (of course) here for $36 before shipping, which more than doubled the price after I entered the address here at Radio Milwaukee. Good luck, I guess.

On the sleepier side of things, Pabst Blue Ribbon teamed up with the Grand Traverse Motel in Traverse City, Mich., to offer weary travelers and beer-lovers alike the chance to stay in one of three PBR-themed rooms.

The experience — which is somehow not called either a “PB-AirBnB” or “AirBnBnB” ( the extra “B” stands for “beer”) — includes the Arcade Room, the Dive Bar and the Rec Room. The first two were sold out as of this writing, while the Rec Room still had availability because it seems sleeping in your grandma’s basement isn’t quite as enticing as the other options.

You can check out photos below, all of which are courtesy of the Grand Traverse Motel.