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About This Section
There are tons of things competing for your attention, from videos you can measure in seconds to season upon season of prestige TV. This section focuses on the magic of a well-made movie, whether you watch it on a screen at home or a much bigger screen in the theater.

You can read up on local film festivals, plus features and documentaries focused on music. Or you can queue up Cinebuds, our weekly film podcast called hosted by Radio Milwaukee's Dori Zori and Milwaukee Film's Kpolly — two buddies talkin' about cinema (bonus points if you read that to the tune of the theme song).
  • A photo collage of various TV shows and movies, including fire and water characters from a Pixar movie, Spider-Man and Nick Fury from Marvel.
    Disney/Pixar, Searchlight Pictures/20th Century Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Jon Pack/Sony Pictures Classics, Sony Pictures Animation, Des Willie/Marvel
    Studios raced to finish summer attractions ahead of the writers strike. So we're back with a great big, filterable guide of what to watch — and where to find it — as the days get hotter and longer.
  •  Several characters from the Mario Brothers video game franchise drive carts wildly down a road that looks like a rainbow.
    The Super Mario Bros. Movie / Facebook
    After several attempts, it seems someone has finally made a financially successful Mario Brothers movie. But does it pay off for the audience?