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Top 5 Milwaukee Film Festival picks for Monday, Oct. 3

Nuts! at Milwaukee Film Festival

It is day 12 and the last week of the of the Milwaukee Film Festival.  There are a lot of great films to see, but we have selected some of our favorites.

See our picks below.

Nuts! (4:00pm at Times Cinema)

This documentary fits in the category, “you can’t make this stuff up.” Nuts! tell the unbelievable story of   “Doctor” J.R. Brinkley, who started is career by offering goat testicles as a cure for impotency. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is one of my favorite documentaries of the festival.

Somewhere in the Middle (6:00pm at Oriental Theatre)

Part of the Black Lens program, "Somewhere in the Middle" is a romantic drama for the modern day. If you think your relationships are complicated, this film will put your life in perspective.

Generation Startup (7:00pm @ Avalon Theater)

A documentary about failure, success and following your dreams. The film follows six recent college graduates trying to start their own business.  This film is for anyone who aspires to be their own boss.

Metropolis (7:00pm at the Oriental Theatre)

Alloy Orchestra returns to the Milwaukee Film Festival, inspired by the Milwaukee Art Museum’s upcoming “Haunted Screens” exhibit, to provide their inimitable brand of musical accompaniment to Fritz Lang’s sci-fi opus Metropolis. A stunning tale of working-class rebellion, mad scientists, and sexy lady robots whose influence has never waned, Metropolis is the urtext of sci-fi cinema.

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (9:00pm at Oriental Theatre)

This powerful documentary takes a unique look a the effect of the America’s Prison-industrial complex has on the country’s environment and landscape.

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