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Top 5 Milwaukee Film Festival picks for Tuesday, Oct. 4

It is day 13 and the last week of the of the Milwaukee Film Festival.  There are a lot of great films to see, but we have selected some of our favorites.

See our picks below.

Tale of Tales (3:45 at the Oriental)

 Probably the most star-studded cast in the festival this year (Salma Hayek, John C. Reilly, Toby Jones, Vincent Cassel.) A wonderfully bizarre mix of fairy tale and fantasy. This is the last showing. Catch it.

From Mass To The Mountain (3:30 at The Oriental)

There are people in Panama who have no water. To drink, to wash with, to cook with. One man from Ripon, WI has spent the past 28 years trying to solve that problem.

Orange Sunshine (6:30 at the Avalon)

If you like stories about counter culture this one is for you. 10 kilos of LSD, the drug trade, “hippies,” hints of the occult, what else could you want?

Presenting Princess Shaw (7PM at The Oriental)

Princess Shaw has always wanted to be famous. This doc follows her from obscurity to internet star.

Fastball (8:30 at the Oriental)

 It’s almost primal. A guy throwing a ball as fast as he can and another guy trying to hit it. It’s the foundation of America’s pastime and it’s been fascinating us for over 100 years.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee