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Trainspotting 2 shares first trailer, film in theaters Jan. 27

T2 Trainspotting trailer

A few months back, it was announced that asequel to Trainspotting will be released. That day is near. Trainspotting 2 will hit theaters on Jan. 27 and will feature the original cast from the 1996 film. The official tile of the sequel is "T2: Trainspotting" and the film is based loosely on the novel 2002 novel “Porno” by Irvine Welsh, which is the follow up to his 1993 book “Trainspotting.”

Today, the Danny Boyle directed film shared the first trailer. In the trailer, you can hear Ewan McGregor a new version of his "Choose Life" speech.

Check out the trailer and film poster below.

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