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Milwaukee Film Festival Picks: Day 2

Milwaukee Film Membership Manager Kristopher Pollard and 88Nine Music Director Justin Barney sit down every day for the Milwaukee Film Festival and pick the movies you should see. Here is today's pick.
Listen below.
Justin Barney: Kpolly, today is Friday. What's your pick?

Kpolly: "Paa Joe & The Lion."

Justin Barney: Why did you pick this?

Kpolly: Paa Joe is an amazing sculptor from Ghana, who sculpts intricate colorful for people. Things like a lion, or a phoenix. One guy had a green onion because he was a farmer. It's great because Paa Joe talks about how he works for months, and makes these amazing sculptures that are immediately buried. He shoes them in galleries as well, but the practical ones he makes for people are immediately buried with them.

We're also very lucky to have Paa Joe, and his son in attendance at the screening.

Justin Barney: My pick is the "Best Damn Midnight Shorts." It's a special kind of crowd that shows up to that one, and kind of a mixture of horror and comedy.

Kpolly: Yeah when you come be prepared to be grossed out, and freaked out.


Paa Joe & The Lion

7:00pm at the Oriental Theater


Best Damn Midnight Shorts

12:00am at the Oriental Theater