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Milwaukee Film Festival Picks: Day 5

Milwaukee Film Membership Manager Kristopher Pollard and 88Nine Music Director Justin Barney sit down every day for the Milwaukee Film Festival and pick the movies you should see. Here is today's pick.
Listen Below.
Justin Barney: What's your pick for today, Kpolly?

Kpolly: Today, it has to be the "Milwaukee Music Video Show" which I believe you will be in attendance at.

Justin Barney: Not only will I be in attendance, I'm hosting the show! It's one of my favorite things every year because it's a mixture of the best of Milwaukee music, the best of Milwaukee filmmakers, and it's presented by one of my favorite organizations.

Kpolly: This show is going to feature really wonderfully produced, as well as really low budget produced videos, but they're all impressively done.

Justin Barney: So many of the artists are going to be in attendance, and we're also going to be doing bit of a Q&A.

Kpolly: It's at the Oriental Theater at 6:30pm.


Milwaukee Music Video Show

6:30 at the Oriental Theater