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Milwaukee Film Festival Picks: Wednesday

Milwaukee Film Membership Manager Kristopher Pollard and 88Nine Music Director Justin Barney sit down every day for the Milwaukee Film Festival and pick the movies you should see. Here is today's pick.
Listen below.
Justin Barney: Kpolly, what is your pick for today? It is Wednesday, day seven?

Kpolly: Who knows! It all blends together now, the important thing is you gotta see “The Road Movie.”

Justin Barney: What’s the “The Road Movie?”

Kpolly: It’s a movie entirely made up of dashboard cam footage from Russia.

Justin Barney: Those are the most fun videos to watch on YouTube.

Kpolly: This is a collection of the craziest stuff you’ve seen. Obviously there’s some crashing, you’re gonna see that.

There’s a sledgehammer wielding road rager coming after a car that’s drastically backing up.

You see a falling meteor. It’s wild stuff.

Justin Barney: Is there some kind of narrative or just stringing them together?

Kpolly: Just straight through.

Justin Barney: It’s like, being in the car you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Kpolly: It’s fascinating, but it’s really entertaining and really bananas.

Justin Barney: That sounds awesome.

9:15 at the Times Cinema

The Road Movie