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Milwaukee Film Festival Picks: Day 9

Milwaukee Film Membership Manager Kristopher Pollard and 88Nine Music Director Justin Barney sit down every day for the Milwaukee Film Festival and pick the movies you should see. Here is today's pick.
Listen below.
Justin Barney: Kpolly, what's your pick for today?

Kpolly: Today, I have to recommend "The Feels."

Justin Barney: What's it about?

Kpolly: It's been described as a lesbian romantic comedy, and it's about a wedding weekend celebration done in the tradition of "Bridesmaids" but it has a very indie edge to it.

Justin Barney: Is anyone from the movie going to be in attendance?

Kpolly: We are going to have the director, Jenée LaMarque, and composer Julian Wass at the screening. That's at 9:00pm at the Avalon Theater.


The Feels

9:00 at the Avalon Theater