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Our Milwaukee Film Festival pick for Monday, October 29

During the fest, Milwaukee Film’s Kpolly and I will be doing a Cinebuds Milwaukee Film Festival pick of the day. Each day we'll pick a film that you should see on the next day, so you'll have plenty of time to plan.

Listen to our conversation and read more below to find out more about the film we're choosing for October 29.

Our pick for October 29: "Vuelven (Tigers Are Not Afraid)"

Synopsis: Followed by the ghost of her mother (the victim of the vicious drug cartels who essentially hold their town captive), young Estrella falls in with a band of young orphans who will rely on supernatural aid once the cartels put these children in their crosshairs. Provocative and moving, this careful blend of magical realist atmospherics and real-world horror (the notion of thousands of missing children is an all-too-real one in our modern climate) is a modernized Grimm's fairy tale on par with the very best of Guillermo del Toro.

See it at the Avalon Theater on Monday, October 29 at 9:30 p.m.