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Cinebuds share their Milwaukee Film Fest opening weekend picks

With more than 300 film over 15 days, you've got seemingly endless options during the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival. If you need a little help deciding which films to see, the Cinebuds are here to help! Every day during the festival we're sharing their daily picks.

Check out their choices for the first weekend of the festival below, and find the full schedule here.

Friday, Oct. 18

"The Passion of Joan of Arc" | 7 p.m. | Oriental Theatre Main

From Milwaukee Film:

"One of the great experiences any cinephile can have is seeing a silent-era classic on the big screen with live musical accompaniment, and there is perhaps no better choice for that treatment than the film that virtually invented the close-up. Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1928 masterpiece is anchored by expressionistic camerawork and a remarkable performance from Maria Falconetti—the poster child of Sunset Boulevard’s famous 'we had faces!' line. Prepare for a transcendent evening of music and film. Featuring live score with composer George Sarah!"

Note: The Friday, Oct. 18 showing of The Passion of Joan of Arc is a premium screening. Thus, a 6-pack, 10-pack and vouchers cannot be redeemed for this screening.

Saturday, Oct. 19

"You Don't Nomi" | 9 p.m. | Oriental Theatre Main

From Milwaukee Film:

"In a pairing that makes the phrase 'double feature' sound like a double entendre, the infamous cult classic Showgirls is being shown in 35 mm, back-to-back with this vivid exploration into the film's legacy. 'You Don't Nomi' is the superhero origin story of how a film that was panned and bombed upon release can, over time, become something like a cultural touchstone. After hearing impassioned defenses from several prominent critics and scholars, you may find yourself among the converted."

Sunday, Oct. 20

Milwaukee Music Video Show | 8 p.m. | Oriental Theatre Main

From Milwaukee Film:

"Between music and film comes this special program of wildly creative videos in support of a diverse group of local artists."