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Solve the mystery of which Cinebud didn't care for 'Knives Out'

On this week's episode, we're weighing in on Rian Johnson's buzzy who-done-it "Knives Out." Stream it below.

"Knives Out" is a classic who-done-it. You've got an old house. You've got a greedy-backstabbing family. You've got twists. You've got turns. It's a stylish romp with an ensemble cast that delivers exactly what you want, and also, what you least expect. Daniel Craig has a dripping Southern accent. Didn't see that coming. LaKeith Stanfield casts a spell on you and draws you into his every word. More of that, please.

"Knives Out" is directed by Rian Johnson. Johnson has directed stylish thinkers like "Looper" and "Brick." He has also directed a Star Wars movie (Episode VIII The Last Jedi.) He's also garnered some indie cred, directing music videos for LCD Soundsystem and The Mountain Goats.

Overall, me and Kpolly had similar impressions of this one, with one of us liking it more than the other. Check the podcast for who loved this who-done-it.