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Looking for some movies to binge? Start with these

Kpolly here. This week on Cinebuds we're... living through a pandemic! Just like everyone else. First and foremost, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe and have the cleanest hands of your lives. It's a weird time and, like everyone else, we're figuring out what we should be doing. For now, we're gonna keep on keeping on -- and making a podcast is a good way to fill our time!

Justin and I are fine and staying home, which means we're not out seeing films in the theater. But, obviously, this is a time where everyone is going to be bingeing shows and movies like crazy. So, we're going to share some of the films we think would be good for our collective cocooning. Fun movies (keeping it light), romantic movies (if you're with your sweet ones), scary movies (if you want to lean into the fear), family movies (keep those kids occupied, am I right?).  

We're also reading books, trying out new streaming platforms, and trying out new ways to record (our producer Kenny is going to have his hands full, man!).

We hope we can give you some fun new options, and let us know what you've been watching/reading/getting up to while you're waiting out the madness. Share your thoughts on our social media pages. And, as always, SHARE - RATE - SUBSCRIBE! It keeps us rolling in one dollar bills!!