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Will Ferrell's 'Eurovision' movie is as well-researched as it is goofy

"Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" is the new Will Ferrell movie that hit Netflix last week. It’s written by Will Ferrell, who did a striking amount of research on this. His wife is Swedish, so he has been following the contest for years, and went behind the scenes to know how it really works. This was going to premiere in conjunction with this year’s real Eurovision, but, sorry, you know.

The story is of Will Ferrell and his singing partner played by Rachel McAdams, and they compete for their homeland, which is Iceland, in the contest. And, you are probably going to like this, or not like this based on your feelings toward Will Ferrell. If you are in on his other kind of schlocky over-the-top lead parts, you are probably going to laugh along. If you hate him, you will hate it. If you hold him to a really high standard, you might be let down a bit. It delivers exactly what it promises, a goofy, but at times heartfelt movie about a goofy, but at times heartfelt contest.

Me and Kpolly go back and forth about our expectations and thoughts about Will Ferrell and what worked and didn't work about "The Story of Fire Saga" in the podcast.