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'In My Blood It Runs' is an exceptionally artful documentary

This week we're discussing “In My Blood It Runs," a documentary that is available right now as part of MKE Film’s Sofa Cinema program.

"In My Blood it Runs"

“In My Blood It Runs” follows a 10-year-old Aboriginal boy in Australia. It follows him in school and at home, even at times giving him the camera to truly see from his perspective. And from that perspective the film reveals a lot of things about him and the world he lives in. Kpolly notes that he loves a documentary that does not skimp on artistry, which this film has in bunches.

Kpolly also suggests the perfect companion piece as he usually does, and we talk about our favorite question, “What else are we watching this week?” in which I finally finish watching all of the Academy Award Winning Best Pictures on one of the, in my opinion, worst ones to win it.

Listen below!