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What makes a movie good or bad?

Kpolly here. Do you want to listen to a conversation between two people who seem super high, but, in fact, are completely sober so have no real excuse...  Then this week's Cinebuds offering is for you!

We explore the age-old question "What is movie?" More exactly, what makes a movie good or bad. What films qualify as factually bad and why is our opinion worth the paper its printed on?

Yes, we talk about "Skyscraper" | Image courtesy Legendary Pictures

After watching the film "I'm Thinking of Ending Things," the new Charlie Kaufman film, we started pondering why are opinions about art, and film in particular, so definitive in our minds? We will explore those values in film that set them apart and make them better or lesser to us. And we have list after list of films that hold down positions in our best of the worst, worst of the worst, or worst of the best....

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