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What makes a live-action animation film work?

This week we watched the new "Tom & Jerry" movie on HBO. It was not great. But not just because it was silly slapstick humor meant for kids, it didn’t work on a number of levels that other movies have done successfully. So, we thought we would talk about the genre that "Tom & Jerry" falls into. It’s category is live action animation. So animated characters interact with the real world. Sometimes this is done really well! Like, weirdly in the new Sonic movie, which was way better than everyone gave it credit for. 

"Tom & Jerry"

So we go through the history of live action animation, the triumphs, the pit falls, what makes for a great one, and what just flat doesn’t work. 

In What Else We Are Watching, I cover the new Disney movie, “Raya and the Last Dragon” and Kpolly benefits from low expectations with another movie that came out this week.