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Cinebuds weigh in on 'Shiva Baby' in their first live episode

Cinebuds live!! After three years of talking about it, we finally did a live episode! We went with the movie "Shiva Baby," which you can watch now on MKE Film’s Sofa Cinema if you haven’t already. 

In "Shiva Baby," plot-wise, nothing much happens. Our protagonist, played wonderfully by Rachael Sennott goes to a shiva with her family, she sits shiva, and she leaves. BUT there really is so much more to this movie. It captures the claustrophobia of being at a family event and the tiny power dynamics at play between each and every person there. 

"Shiva Baby"

We get into the movie, AND have a long and healthy "What Else Have You Been Watching" segment where I finally watched a weird movie that Kpolly has been raving about for years, we do Q&A’s with the crowd and have a lot of fun. 

Next time we will be in person!