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Six people live on a Hawaiian lava field to replicate what it would be like on Mars in this film fest pick

The Milwaukee Film Festival is underway! There are hundreds of movies to choose from and it's all virtual. Picking movies can be daunting with all that freedom! We want to make it a little easier, so the Cinebuds are going to pick one movie a day that they are excited about. Hopefully that will make it a little easier. If you want to buy tickets, or see other movies go here.

Today's pick: Red Heaven

This is the true story of six people, picked to live in a dome on a lava field in Hawai'i...RED HEAVEN tells the true story of an experiment designed to inform NASA's path toward human exploration of Mars. Asking what the limits of human isolation might be, these experiences of a year in isolation will ring familiar to us in 2021, but also help us envision the lives of astronauts in fascinating ways.