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'French Exit' is a wonderfully dry comedy in disguise

"French Exit" is the movie based on the 2018 book of the same name by Patrick deWitt. Our main character is Francis Price, played wonderfully by Michelle Pfeiffer. Price is a proper Manhattan socialite, whose fame and money is never quite explained, but that doesn’t matter because the money has run out. So she takes the last bit of it, pulls her son, played by Lucas Hedges, out of school, stows away their cat, and moves to an apartment in Paris.

It’s a kind of aristocratic melodrama from another time, where the biggest issue is the family’s own vanity. It’s dry, it’s odd, but don’t tell Kpolly it’s surreal. The movie feels of another era, its purposeless aristocrats wandering about like characters in a Salinger book. I found it to be charming and understated -- a wonderfully dry comedy posed as drama.

Also, we haven’t done a catch up since our live show, so me and Kpolly do a BIG What Else Have We Been Watching catch up on our two favorite movies of the festival each, and a handful of others that we have watched since. We also talk about our love for the Milwaukee Film Member Facebook group member John DiMotto and I talk about going to a movie theater for the first time in a year and a half.

Stream the episode below.