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'Luca' is Pixar like you've seen it before

"Luca" is the newest offering from Disney/Pixar. As with all the Disney/Pixar movies, the natural inclination is to judge them against each other. So how does Luca stand up? Well, at times it seems like a greatest hits. It’s got a character who lives in the sea, who transitions to living on land, like "The Little Mermaid." We’ve got overprotective parents who live in the ocean and want to protect their little boy, like "Finding Nemo." And a central message of accepting people for who they are, not who they appear to be, like a lot of Disney movies. 

This movie doesn’t have any big musical numbers like some of the most successful Disney movies. There is no central villain to speak of, though there is vaguely a mean kid who serves as an antagonist. "Luca" just doesn’t really hit big at any part. 


Though it does do some things right. One thing that Disney does very well is place setting. This is beautifully set in a small Italian coastal town. It’s charming and quaint. There are also some funny beats. An uncle, played by Sacha Baron Cohen is a stand out. There is a beautiful dream sequence or two. "Luca" is not revolutionary, it’s another Disney movie. It’s also wholesome family fun. That is Disney’s brand and it may be square or corny to some, but also, for people looking for something new and free to stream on a weekday night and want to watch something comforting and warm, "Luca" is a great watch. 

Kpolly, was a bit more critical than I was. I believe he said he hated it. I could be misremembering it, but I think that’s what he said. Also, in What Else We’ve Been Watching, Kpolly reviews A CITY -- a city that he has long slandered. And here he makes a bit of a correction.

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