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'Roadrunner' documents Anthony Bourdain's passions and struggles

Kpolly here. This week on Cinebuds we are talking about the new documentary from Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville ("Would You Be My Neighbor," "Twenty Feet from Stardom"). This time around Neville is giving us a portrait of the cultural icon Anthony Bourdain.

"Roadrunner" explores Bourdain's career after his book "Kitchen Confidential" brings him to the forefront of food culture in America. The attention he garners gives him the opportunity to explore the food (and the people and the cultures) of the world, but through a medium that Bourdain has a disdain for -- television. We see his struggle with making a TV show that doesn't exploit but celebrates people. And we also see the many other struggles the man has throughout his life.


Through interviews with his friends and longtime collaborators, as well as hearing from the man himself, we get an intimate look at a complicated and engaging figure whose travels have influenced the world.

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