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'Shang-Chi' is Marvel at its finest

Kpolly here. This week on Cinebuds we watched the new Marvel film (Justin's idea this time, if you can believe it), "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings."

In his introduction to the franchise, Shang-Chi is forcibly reunited with his distant family members and has to stop his father from unleashing a disaster upon the universe. It's a Marvel movie, so if the entire universe is not almost destroyed, why even get out of bed?   

Of course these films have a consistent formula, but around those familiar bones there are opportunities to build some great details, characters and images. Did Shang-Chi join those glorious few superhero movies that Justin actually likes? Did it join those far greater number of superhero films that Kristopher gobbles up by the handful?  And do we celebrate the fact that this is the first Asian main character/superhero to join the universe? Of course!

We'll also discuss what else we've been watching, reading, and if I shaved my beard a little too closely only moments before recording the podcast! Surely I won't dwell on that, though..... or will I?

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