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Cinebuds share their top 5 movies of 2021

Here it is. Time for one of our favorite episodes, one that we have been working on for the entire year. Our Top 5 movies of 2021. 

Now, let me set some guidelines. The movie season is a bit weird and doesn’t exactly fall within the calendar year. A lot of the really good Oscar movies are released in January. The Oscars announce their nominees in February and are held in early March. By then the conversation for those movies are over and they don’t really feel like they count for this year.

So, movies like Nomadland, Minari, and The Father are movies that technically came out in 2021, but it would feel weird to say that Nomadland was our favorite movie of the year, so we aren’t counting it. With that said, here are our favorite movies of 2021!


5. Night of the Kings
4. The One and Only Dick Gregory
3. End of the Century
2. Pig
1. ?????


5. The Yinyang Master
4. The French Dispatch
3. Lamb
2. Dune


Listen to the podcast and find out each Cinebuds #1 pick.