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Guess which movies the Cinebuds watched this week. No, seriously: Guess

So, usually on Cinebuds, Kpolly and I decide on a movie to watch, we watch it, we talk about it. Last week Kpolly texted me and said, “What if we each watch a movie and we don’t tell each other until we were rolling live in the podcast?” Honestly, I wasn’t in love with the idea. It sounded fun for us, but not for you. But I was wrong. We had a lot of fun using context clues to guess what the other person watched and then talking about each movie. I think you will have fun too. 

Which films did the guys watch this week?

And in What Else We’ve Been Watching, I watch a movie that we formerly dunked on before watching and had to rescind my dunk because I actually really liked it.