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Cinebuds Oscars preview: Anything but 'Belfast' for Best Picture

This Sunday will once again be film’s biggest night. It’s the 94th annual Academy Awards. And while there are other awards ceremonies that are more equitable, reward better work and are less political, we still love to talk about the Oscars. 

Occasionally the Cinebuds can be a divided force, but for the Oscars, we are united around one key point: We don’t want "Belfast" to win Best Picture. Sure, "Belfast" was fine. It wasn’t the worst film in the world, but from it’s straight-out-of-the-tourism-board-for-Ireland’s opening scene, to its dramatic black and white episodes knocked completely off kilter by screaming uptempo Van Morrison songs, we just would like to see something else win.

Kpolly and I both argue for what we think should be Best Picture at this Sunday’s Oscars in this week's episode below.