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'Cinebuds Live' and so much more, here's our official Milwaukee Film Festival preview

Writing by: Kristopher Pollard

This week we are getting excited for the upcoming 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival! Starting April 21 and running through May 5, the festival will exhibit a metric ton of great films -- not to mention quality events and panels. 

To sort through some of the wonderful films, we are joined by Festival's programming director, Kerstin Larson. We'll be talking about festival film highlights and our personal favorites, as well as films we're all looking forward to.

Will one of those films be the 40th Anniversary showing of John Carpenter's The Thing on 35mm, followed by a live Cinebuds podcast taping? Hmmm...perhaps. Some of the other films we discuss are The Pez Outlaw, The Velvet Queen and Memoria. Listen to the podcast to check out the other films we highlight, as well as Justin's hunger for chaos, and MKE Film co-workers Kerstin and Kpolly will reveal general office wackiness.

For all things film festival, go to  and follow Cinebuds on Instagram at @cinebudspodcast.