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Watch a movie about vinyl on Record Store Day

"Vinyl Nation"

Saturday, April 23, 3:45 p.m. at the Avalon Theater

Tomorrow is Record Store Day. As is tradition, I will start my day by standing in line at Rush Mor records in Bay View and picking up a couple sides. Then I will probably head over to Acme to dig a bit. And this year, I will be walking down the street at 3:45 to check out this incredible looking documentary about making the records that I will be holding. Meet me at The Avalon.

Description: Celebrate Record Store Day with this documentary that digs into the crates of vinyl's recent resurgence, examining the diversity of record aficionados while providing some MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD-style educational asides to boot. Ultimately an ode to analog, VINYL NATION asks what vinyl says about our past here in the present and how its resurgence has changed the way we listen.

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