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We suggest seeing this nature documentary that is scored by Nick Cave at the Milwaukee Film Festival

"The Velvet Queen"

Wednesday, May 4 at 1:15PM at The Avalon Theater

The wild, mountainous peaks of Tibet–a gorgeous, frigid world that resembles a lunar landscape–are inhabited by regal antelope, soaring falcons, herds of yak, lumbering bears, and the diminutive but forbidding Pallas’ cat. But, for our guides, the Holy Grail is the majestic, elusive snow leopard. Their adventurous sleuthing is punctuated by intimate conversations about the existential nature of their quest. With epic visuals and original music by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, THE VELVET QUEEN is a not-to-be-missed, swoon-worthy experience. Preceded by SNOWSTORM Dir. David Busse.

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