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Milwaukee Film will reward you for pulling off the 'Barbenheimer' double feature

Milwaukee Film

For exactly two reasons, it seems likely that this coming weekend will be the most profitable for worldwide film box offices in the post-pandemic era. Those reasons, of course, are Barbie and Oppenheimer.

By now, you've probably heard about Christopher Nolan's biographical World War II epic about the driving force behind the Manhattan project. And I'm positive you've been subjected to the extremely pink marketing campaign for Greta Gerwig's film, of which books will surely be written about in the future.

Some moviegoers — myself included — face the dilemma of which movie to see first. However, there exists a group of sickos (ahem, I mean film enthusiasts) who are opting to see both movies on the same day during their opening weekend. If you are among the latter group, Milwaukee Film will reward you for seeing the double feature at the Oriental Theatre.

That's right, if you become a "Barbenheimer" participant by purchasing same-day tickets at the Oriental, you'll be automatically entered to win a free year-long Milwaukee Film membership or a "golden ticket" bundle for two free movie tickets and a large popcorn. Plus, anyone who pulls off the same-day double will receive a free small popcorn.

I have my tickets purchased for Oppenheimer this Friday evening, but I've decided my brain may need some time to process what Nolan has said leaves viewers so "absolutely devastated" that they "can't speak." But Radio Milwaukee's Salam Fatayer falls into the sicko (er, film enthusiast) category and plans to see Barbie as a palette cleanser immediately after. Stay tuned for a write-up about how that goes for her.

Tickets to both films at the Oriental Theatre are available now on the Milwaukee Film website.

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