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In The Wings | Nick DeMarsh of Young Farmers MKE

In this first month of our #88Nine10 series ‘In the Wings’ we're talking food: how its grown, how its sold and how its enjoyed by people all across our city.

Meet Nick DeMarsh: he's an urban farmer here in Milwaukee and started Young Farmers MKE, a program that teaches kids all about urban farming, as well as how food can be sold and distributed to help build up communities,
"I feel like I'm an educator," explains DeMarsh, "over the years what I found was very much the hypothesis, if you will. 'Will kids, if they start selling food, want to start taking that food home through their own dignity or their own pride? ...and sure enough over time kids found food they were interested in."

Listen to our audio interview with Nick below: 

For more on Young Farmers MKE, you can visit them on Facebook or online here.


Its a process that allows them to take ownership of their eating habits because their taking ownership of the garden.

For more on Young Farmers MKE and Groundwork Milwaukee, including their new documentary premiering this Friday, you can visit them on Facebookor online here.

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