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Summerfest already has plans for its 55th anniversary party

Sammy Hagar couldn’t drive it. Michael Jordan hung it on the Knicks. And next year, Summerfest will celebrate it.

The Big Gig turns 55 in 2023, but the hype started today with the unfurling of several activities and promotions tied to the double nickel. Sadly, that will not be the price of beer at any point during the festival (offering 10-cent suds can very easily go south).

Refreshments were not overlooked, however, among today’s announcements:

  • Daily happy hour from 4-5 p.m. featuring $5.50 Miller products (Lite, High Life, Coors Light).
  • Opening-day celebration on June 22, with the first 10,000 people receiving a commemorative 55th anniversary item not available for purchase.
  • 55% off Summerfest business group tickets through Oct. 31.

In addition, there will be something called Fest Fan of the Past 55. The plan is to find Summerfest’s 55 biggest fans, plop them on a metal bleacher in the front row of the Miller Oasis at the start of the day, give them an unlimited supply of Saz’s samplers and Lite served in throwback wax cups, and see who’s the last one standing.
Wouldn’t that be great? Summerfest opted for something much more sensible with a much higher prize value (depending on your fried-cheese intake). Starting Feb. 1, you can share a cherished memory of the festival, and staff will pick 10 nominations for a panel of celebrities to judge. The person whose memory is better than all the other memories will receive:

  • Two Power Passes that get them in the gates all nine days
  • Two tickets to any show at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater
  • A Summerfest gift card (amount not disclosed at this time)
  • An autographed Summerfest memorabilia item (autographer not disclosed at this time)

With eight months between now and next year’s festival, there’s plenty of time for party planning, and we’re assured, “More details and activities taking place during Summerfest 55 will be released in the coming months.”
In the meantime, enjoy Michael Jordan’s 55-point performance from 1995.