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It's the last day for online voter registration in Wisconsin

There’s very little that’s glamorous about voting. Today brings another example: Deadlines!!!

Deadlines are awful. “Dead” is right there in the name. It has a natural negative vibe that starts in school with homework and follows us right through adulthood. But deadlines are important, which might be why the word sounds so serious. And today’s deadline is important, too.

This is the final day to complete online voter registration in the state of Wisconsin for the midterm election coming up Nov. 8. You can register at the polls on election day, but it’s a much better idea to get it out of the way now so you can have your say in SO MANY THINGS:


  • Governor/lieutenant governor
  • U.S. senator
  • Attorney general
  • Secretary of state
  • State treasurer

Milwaukee County

  • Sheriff
  • State legislature
  • Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Congressional Representative District 4
  • Assembly Representative District 17
  • Firearms referendum
  • Marijuana referendum

Plus there’s a bunch of local stuff to decide (you can see what’s on your ballot right here). So take a couple minutes and head over to, and they’ll guide you the rest of the way.