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Justin Vernon’s ‘Apocalypse Nah’ tour is all about turnout

Justin Vernon is going back to college. Sort of.

The man of many music projects, most notably Bon Iver, matches that passion with one for representative democracy. With the midterm elections coming up next Tuesday, Vernon's “For Wisconsin” team will head to campuses across the state in a nonpartisan effort to get people to the polls.

The “Apocalypse Nah” tour starts today, Oct. 31, and runs through Nov. 6, bringing an experience fueled by the creativity found in all of Vernon’s projects and information about early voting. Here’s where they’re headed (for exact locations in each city, you can check the For Wisconsin Instagram account):

  • Oct. 31 — UW-Oshkosh
  • Nov. 1 — UW-Stevens Point
  • Nov. 2 — UW-Milwaukee
  • Nov. 2 — Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee
  • Nov. 3 — UW-Eau Claire
  • Nov. 4 — UW-Madison
  • Nov. 5 — UW-Madison (Badgers football game)
  • Nov. 5 — Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee for early voting at the plaza

“We've started For Wisconsin because normal wasn't good enough,” Vernon said in a release. “We're all taught differing political and philosophical beliefs early on; we want to continue the conversations that take us beyond those differences. What can be better? That's what we're asking.
“No one is more powerful than a citizenry that is empowered and together,” he continued. “We'll be asking, talking, listening, and expressing ourselves through meetings, concerts, media, art, and all sorts of fun and engaging experiences. It's time to foster a better home state for everyone, from Superior to Milwaukee, Viroqua to Green Bay, and everywhere in-between. For Us. FOR WISCONSIN.”