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‘The Flagmakers’ now have a path from Oak Creek to Broadway

An elderly woman with white hair and glasses looks at an American flag illuminated from underneath by a light table.
Womyn Films LLC / Heidi Gutman
Eder Flag Zone Manager Radica Markovic looks down at a large flag on the light table.

You don’t need outside confirmation to know you’ve told a good story. Still, the people involved with The Flagmakers must feel pretty great after getting two fairly big pieces of news a little more than a week apart.

The first one didn’t take long, as The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences included The Flagmakers on its Academy Awards short list for best documentary short film on Dec. 21. That’s the same day the National Geographic documentary about Eder Flag in Oak Creek premiered on Disney+.

In addition, Deadline reported eight days before its streaming debut that The Flagmakers could make the jump from screen to stage. Joining Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo as an executive producer on the documentary was Mark Gordon, whose production company bought the stage rights. It also lined up someone to pen the adaptation: playwright John J. Caswell Jr., who wrote the award-winning Wet Brain.

If you’re curious about all the attention, you can find the documentary on Disney+. You can also hear what went into the making of The Flagmakers by listening to this recent episode of our flagship podcast, Uniquely Milwaukee.