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How Plant Land’s gift to you helps Radio Milwaukee grow

The inside of a greenhouse with many plants in plastic containers and a small sign that says "Plant Land Nature Preserve."
Plant Land / Facebook

What makes a locally owned business unique? There are a lot of answers to that question, and most of them go back to the owner. For Plant Land, that’s Karen Matt, who added something special to her shop by turning it into a feline paradise through her adoption of 29 cats!

That’s not the biggest reason why we wanted to highlight this local business, although definitely don’t be surprised if you hear a few purrs and meows while browning their selection. We’re talking about Plant Land today because it’s a place that shares our commitment to community.

Located at 6204 S. Howell Ave., Plant Land has provided its customers with a wide range of flowers, herbs, succulents, perennials, annuals, heirlooms and all kinds of growing things since 1968. Plant Land is also a business supporter of Radio Milwaukee, and for our spring membership drive, Karen has decided to step in a big way by giving away free plants to anyone who upgrades their Radio Milwaukee membership.

Hit that “Listen” button above to hear more about that very generous gift, as well as a recent conversation Nate Imig had with Karen about her shop, her many four-legged staff members and why she supports Radio Milwaukee.

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