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Milwaukee Pro Soccer launches tourney-style naming contest

 A computer rendering of a modern soccer stadium positioned on the corner of two busy city streets, with several cars and motorcycles driving past.
Milwaukee Pro Soccer

The latest addition to Milwaukee’s professional sports roster — called, by necessity, “Milwaukee Pro Soccer” — has taken a methodical approach to introducing itself to the city. It started last May with a venue announcement, continued in October by revealing it will play in the USL Championship (the second-highest tier in U.S. soccer) and included various guerilla-style engagements, particularly during the winter World Cup.

On Monday, the franchise took a step toward casting off its generic moniker by kicking off a tournament-style naming contest that will be decided by fan voting.

Milwaukee Pro Soccer started asking fans to submit their ideas back in October and has apparently gotten enough strong candidates to set up a 64-name bracket that revealed its first four candidates Monday morning:

  • Matchup 1 — Milwaukee Tall Boys vs. Milwaukee Confluence
  • Matchup 2 — Milwaukee Barons vs. Milwaukee Cheese

As one of what I assume was scores of people to suggest one of those names, I’ll do my best to maintain my journalistic impartiality and simply say that when you vote, follow your heart — as well as the city’s history as an indispensable part of a certain beverage industry. Also, the other names are very nice.

Keep in mind that this is just the first opportunity to vote as part of a process that will apparently stretch well into the summer. The post above mentions Sweet 16 voting at Summerfest, so it seems like you’ll have the chance to cast your ballot in person for those matchups. If you want to see each day’s newest potential-name reveals and vote for your favorite, bookmark the “Name the Club” section of Milwaukee Pro Soccer’s website or follow the franchise on your preferred social platform.