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The Moody Cook: 5 recipes to get you hyped for Garlic Fest

Garlic Bomb

I'm addicted to garlic in all its various forms. It is one ingredient that I always have in my home.  I love the feel of smashing a clove with my knife. I love the sound crushed garlic makes when it hits a pan with heated olive oil or butter. I love the sweetness of garlic, when you roast a whole bulb.  Garlic's intoxicating aroma always puts a smile on my face. That is why I'm excited for Garlic Fest, which is Sunday, June 14 in Walker's Point.

For my next Cooklist, I decided to scour the web for some interesting and unique garlic-inspired recipes in honor of Garlic Fest.

The first recipe is Garlic Confit Toast via Bon Appetit. Think of this as garlic toast on steroids. You can't go wrong, when you a whole head of garlic, butter, and parmesan to create this crusty delight.  (get recipe)

The next dish, Roasted Garlic Ice Cream, might sound unusual, but it makes complete sense. When you roast garlic, the strong flavor of garlic transforms into something rich and sweet. Take that and add cream and sugar and ice cold temperature and you get a special treat. Check out the recipe via Saveur. If you don't want to take the time and risk to make the ice cream, Purple Door will be serving at the Garlic Fest.

The third garlic-inspired dish, Deep-fried Garlic Bombs, is an explosion of garlic in one bite. The dish requires 48 cloves of garlic, which is roasted and mixed with sweet onion, potatoes, ricotta cheese and deep-fried. Check out the video on how to make these crispy treats. Get the recipe via Food Republic.

The fourth recipe involves black garlic. The dish is called Black Garlic Mushroom Dip. Black garlic is basically aged garlic.

 A Korean specialty, black garlic is simply regular garlic that has been fermented through heat. But unlike other fermented foods, the fermentation process mellows garlic instead of making it sharper, and it’s said to have twice as many antioxidants as regular garlic. The texture becomes like a firm jelly, and the flavor has hints of soy sauce, molasses, and honey. via Katehrine Martinelli

Black Garlic Mushroom Dip is a simple but flavorful vegetarian and gluen-free dip that combines the umami flavor of black garlic with sauteed onions, marsala, yogurt, and balsamic vinegar.  Grab the recipe here.

The final dish is Roasted Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Chocolate and garlic sounds like an unusual combination; however the sweetness of roasted garlic pairs well with chocolate.  Grab the recipe here courtesy of Mother Earth Living.

Share with me photos and reviews in the comments section below, if you make any of these garlic-inspired dishes.

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