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The Moody Cook: 5 ways to 'wing-it' during the Super Bowl


Today is the big game and that means it is time to get your wing game on.  An estimated 1.3 billions wings will be consumed during the Super Bowl. Will you be eating some of those 1.3 billion wings? If so, make sure they aren't the boring buffalo wing or some commercial chain's wings.  Here are my five favorite wing recipes that will steal the show at your party.

1. Pok Pok Fish Sauce Wings

Fish sauce and wings doesn't sound like a great combination, but trust me. These wings are heavenly. The recipe comes from Andy Riker's Vietnamese restaurant Pok Pok.  If you make these wings, I suggest you double the recipe. You will run out.

2. Dakgangjeong

Dakgangjeong is Korean style fried chicken that has a sweet and very flavorful sauce.


3. Chimichurri Wings

I love chimichurri sauce.  I love it with everything from french fries to fish.  I was so happy to find a recipe for chimichurri wings.  The wings in this dish are baked instead of fried, which makes for an easy clean-up. The one thing I add to this dish is that I make a separate batch of Chimichurri and tossed the finished wings in the sauce.

4. Ginger Scallion Wings

This recipe from Lucky Peach is sticky and little messy, but worth it. Do not try to use ginger in a jar or powder ginger with this recipe.


5. Maangchi's fried chicken

One of my favorite cooking shows is Maangchi on Youtube.  She specializes in Korean cuisine.  This fried chicken dish's secret ingredient is gochujang aka red chili paste.  You can find it  in your local grocery store in the international aisle.  You can also marinate the wings in some sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger then baked them instead of frying them.  After the wings are bake, toss them in the sauce from the recipe.

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