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The search is on for the best Wisconsin grilled cheese recipe

Beginning April 2, aspiring chefs of all ages are invited to submit their most creative grilled cheese recipes for the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown which runs through May 15.

One grand prize winner will receive $15,000 and be crowned the 2018 Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Champion. More than $25,000 in additional cash and bonus prizes will also be awarded throughout the competition.

The only rule? It has to be Wisconsin Cheese.
Wisconsin grilled cheese lovers can enter their winning recipes into one of four categories for a chance to win the grilled cheese competition. The Open Class is for recipe creations without any limitations – there are no restrictions on how few or how many ingredients are used as long as it has Wisconsin cheese. For those who want to keep it simple, enter into the Classic Category with a grilled cheese recipe using just six total ingredients. The Junior Class category opens up the competition for rising chefs under the age of 18, and recipes have no restrictions. The final category is new this year – the Fan Flavorites category will allow chefs and foodies to enter a video along with their recipe.

The contest is being hosted by the Grilled Cheese Academy (yes, it exists). However, it's not a school. It's an institution created by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board that's dedicated to the deliciousness of the grilled cheese.

Last year's grilled cheese glory was awarded to Lorie Roach of Buckatunna, MS for her Mississippi Comeback, a tasty combination that brings together Wisconsin fontina and cheddar cheeses with fried okra and the signature southern comeback sauce.

Got a recipe you think could take the, I mean, cheese? Submit your creation on the Grilled Cheese Academy website.

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee