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Amazing comfort food dishes to get in Milwaukee

Korean comfort food


Each Friday morning at 8am, 88Nine airs 'This Bites," a conversation with Milwaukee Magazine's Dining Critic Ann Christenson and me about the latest on Milwaukee culinary and restaurant culture.

On this week’s episode, Ann and I talk about amazing comfort food that will keep you warm in Milwaukee in the winter.

The first dish is a Butternut Squash Ravioli from Triskele’s. The ravioli is sautéed in brown butter and topped with pecans. Next up is a Tonkotsu style ramen from Red Light Ramen at Ardent.  Chef David Chang has called Tonkotsu-style ramen, "the deep dish pizza of ramen."  The ramen is available at 11:30 on Friday and Saturday at Ardent.

The next two comfort good dishes are Korean and both are available at Seoul Restaurant and Stone Bowl on the East Side. Ann shares her love of bimbibap, which means “mixed rice” in Korean. The dish consists of rice topped with various vegetables, gochujang (Korean chili paste), soy sauce, doenjang (fermented soybean paste), an egg (raw or fried), and some protein usually beef or tofu.

Tarik shares his love of galbitang, a beef short rib stew. The Korean stew is made from beef short ribs, daikon, onions and other vegetables. The stew is also served with kimchi.

The next comfort food is a rich French casserole called Cassoulet and is available at Pastiche. The dish is slow-cooked in a vessel called a cassole. It contains meat (pork, hammocks, sausages, duck, etc.), and beans.

Ann and Tarik also shared a couple of places to get a great warm beverages.  Over at Rochambo, Ann recommended the Irish Coffee.  Tarik recommended getting the hot-buttered rum over at Foundation, which is only available on Mondays. Don't forget on January 17 is National Hot-Buttered Rum Day!

We also talked about Hot Pot, a new restaurant opening soon on Murray avenue. The restaurant will serve traditional Chinese hot pot. Hot pot is a social style of dining.  It consists of a pot of broth, which is centered around various  raw vegetables and meats. Then the meat and vegetable are dip in to the broth to cook. Then the cooked food is eaten with a dipping sauce.



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