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Why pumpkin spice must die and more on 'This Bites'

Pumpkin Spice

Each Friday at 8am on 88Nine, Milwaukee Magazine’s dining critic, Ann Christenson, and 88Nine foodie Tarik Moody discuss Milwaukee’s culinary and restaurant culture.

This week on This Bites, we talk about pumpkin spice and why it should be banned. We also talked about the closing of Bosley on Brady; the 17 annual Men Who Cook Event; and more.

Listen to the podcast below.
Pumpkin spice has become a 'virus.' Infecting its mediocre flavor and scent into everything from latte's to laundry detergent to chewing gum to pet shampoo.  This needs to stop.  Who is to blame for this? I point a finger at you Starbucks.  You need to apologize for what you have done in this country.  I'm thinking about creating a petition to stop the proliferation of pumpkin spice.  Check these pumpkin spice abominations that are available.

We need to diversify our 'Fall flavors'. There are so many good flavors like Maple syrup, caramel, apple cinnamon, and pecan. I encourage Starbucks and others to diversify their offering during the Fall.  So I would like to see a 4-year hiatus on all things "Pumpkin Spice."

If you agree, go to and sign the "4-year hiatus on all things pumpkin spice" petition.

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee