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Go back to school with these cooking classes from MPS

Back To School Cooking Classes MPS

Each Friday at 8 am on 88Nine, Milwaukee Magazine’s dining critic, Ann Christenson, and 88Nine foodie Tarik Moody discuss Milwaukee’s culinary and restaurant culture.

On this week’s show, we talked about Back to School cooking classes for Adults. We also talked about food trucks to check out before summer is over, Indiafest, and a Milwaukee Chef’s Dinner benefit.

If you are a chef or a restaurant and have an announcement or an event, please send any information or press release to

Cooking Classes for Adults from MPS

Milwaukee Public Schools recently released their Fall Recreation Guide and in the guide, they offer a variety of cooking classes from making your own tofu to pickling and making jerky.  All of these classes are held at various high schools and are very affordable.  Ann & I selected some of our favorite classes.

Korean Cooking (Sep. 23 & 26)

Enjoy native Korean food cooked slowly. Traditional Korean food can be a great addition to a healthy diet. This class will introduce you to the culture and manners of the region. Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

Soul Food Cooking (Sep. 26)

Learn to cook like mom and grandma did for Sunday dinner. If you want to learn the essential elements of cooking soul food, this is your class. Greens, dressings, catfish, black-eyed peas and cornbread will be some of the items on the menu for your own fabulous dinner. Make your menu with soul. Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

Tofu (Sep, 26)

We know, we know... this is another "four letter word" to some of you, but tofu really is good for you and tasty too! Learn fun and exciting ways to prepare and eat this power-packed food. Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

Calling all Garlic Lovers (Sep. 16)

If you love GARLIC -- then this is the class for you. See how this Super Food can help improve your health. It is going to be the Main Ingredient in a variety of dishes. We will be making: Garlicky Green Beans, Garlic Confit, Garlic Hummus, Garlic Chimichurri Butter, Garlic Popovers with Herbs, Garlic Tomato & Onion Salad, Garlic Dal (Indian soup), Roasted Garlic Potato Soup, Roast Garlic & Honey Chicken, Red Garlic Chicken, & a Garlic Cake. Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

French Bistro Cafe (Sep. 23)

French Bistro food is simple French home style cooking. Nutritious fresh food is a major part of the French cuisine. Please join us for an afternoon of delicious French Bistro food. We will be making: Garlic & Onion Confit, Champignons A La Bordelaise (Mushrooms with Garlic), Poireaux Vinaigrette (marinated leeks with herbs), Veloute De Chataignes (creamy chestnut soup), Bistro Pommes Frites (Bistro french fries), Viande Rotie et Haricots Cannellini (roast meat with cannellini beans, & Tarte Tatin (apple tart). Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

Taste of the World - Turkey (Oct. 21)

TURKEY is considered to be The Gateway between Europe, Asia and the borders of the Middle East. Turkish cuisine is very diverse. Their food and traditions date back over 1,300 years. Turkish people enjoy eating a variety of food dishes for their meals. We will be making: Tatli Patates Salatasi (sweet potato salad), Ezme Salatasi (tomato salad), Ezogelin Corbasi (red lentil soup), Cevis Corbasi (Turkish walnut soup), Zucchni with Dill Weed, Imam Bayildi (eggplant with lamb), Yogurtlu Makarna (pasta with yogurt mint sauce), Tiramisu Kasesi (tiramisu bowl) and Portakal ve Yogurtlu Dondurma (orange yogurt sundae). Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

International Desserts (Nov. 11)

Let’s go around the World and make a variety of international desserts. Desserts differ from country to country some are light and fluffy while others are rich and extravagant. What will be your favorite?? Come join us! We will be making: Raspberry Shortbread (Austria), Quindim Coconut Custard (Brazil), Pastel de Manazas con Dulce Leche Apple & walnut tart (Chile), Tarte Au Citron Lemon tart (France), Clementine Orange Cake (Morocco), Buttermilk & Fruit Crumb Cake (Poland), Banoffee Pie (United Kingdom), and a Surprise International Dessert. Fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

The Cancer Project – Foods that Fight Breast Cancer (Oct. 4)

Certain diet patterns have a major effect in helping cancer survivors to live longer, healthier lives. The Cancer Project class will discuss power foods for breast cancer survival and prevention. We will discuss strategies for eating during treatment, and how to eat post-treatment. Class includes the science behind the discussion, information on cancer-fighting foods with handouts to take home. Class will demo three plant-based recipes: Mint Berry Smoothie, Homestyle Squash and Beans, and Sesame Broccoli. Class taught by cancer survivor Amberlea Childs. Class fee includes food cost and is non-refundable.

Jerky at Home

Meat, meat, meat! Bought jerky at the grocery store lately? Learn how to turn simple cuts of meats into flavorful jerky for long-term storage. This class will make both forms of jerky; the traditional chewy, flexible jerky and the ‘slim jim’ style meat stick jerky. This is a ‘hands-on’ class! All participants will work together to prepare the jerky. *Please note* You will be taking home ‘homework’ as the dehydrating process takes about 6 hours; you’ll finish your jerky at home. You will also take home finished jerky.

Food trucks to visit before summer is over

Ann recently wrote a Milwaukee Magazine piece titled, "5 New Milwaukee Food Trucks To Try Before Summer Ends."  Food trucks include the New Zealand focused Drift MKE, gourmet ice pops from Riverwest's Chillwaukee, Filipino egg rolls from Lumpia City, and more.  Check out all the details here.

IndiaFest Milwaukee 2017

The 5th annual IndiaFest Milwaukee will take place in Bay View's Humboldt Park on Aug. 19 from 11 am - 9 pm. In addition to all of the amazing entertainment at IndiaFest Milwaukee, you can find some great cuisine from dosas to chaats to rice-based dishes and more.

Milwaukee Chef's Dinner

On Sep. 10 at Coquette Cafe, there will a benefit dinner featuring courses from six Milwaukee chefs.  The dinner will benefit six local charities and non-profits including Hunger Task Force, This Time Tomorrow, CentroLegal Foundation,  Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation, American Liver Foundation, and WI Parkinsons Association. The cost of dinner is $95.  Here is the menu:

Course 1
Adam Pawlak
Butter Poached Lobster Tail, Cauliflower Puree, Lobster Cream, Chive Medley, Meyer Lemon oil, Mushroom Dust

Course 2
Nick Burki
Roasted Parsnip soup, Cardamom Honey, Duck Confit, Green Apple, Pistachio

Course 3
Alex Lyskowicz
Lake Trout, Buttermilk, Local Beets, Horseradish, Lovage

Course 4
Matt Kerley
Juniper Crusted Boar Loin, Blackberry Sponge Cake, Blackberry Raisins, Blackberry Saba, NZ Spinach

Course 5
Brian Frakes
8 hour Pork shoulder, Belly, Porchetta. Truffle Mousse, Smoked Butter, PBR Cipollinis, House Pickle, Corn bread crouton, Bourbon Pepper Sauce, Corn Broth, Celery Oil

Course 6
Ramses Alvarez
Foie Gras Colada, LN2 coconut, Colada, Pineapple confit, Flower

Native American inspired dinner at Dream Dance Steak

Earlier this week, I attend a dinner at Dream Dance Steak inside Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. The dinner was prepared by Potawatomi's new Executive Chef Mike Christensen. The chef grew up in Chicago and is part of the Lac du Flambeau tribe in Northern Wisconsin. He prepared dinner focusing on Ojibwe Native American foods of Northern Wisconsin.  Below is some pictures from the dinner.

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