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Milwaukee's most satisfying winter comfort foods

We're kicking off 2020 by discussing comfort foods to warm you up this winter. We're also discussing all things arepas and sharing the scoop on a Milwaukee food tech incubator. Stream this week's episode below.

Pancakes at Cafe at the Plaza | Photo courtesy Cafe at the Plaza

Ann highlighted five Milwaukee comfort foods as part of a cover story for Milwaukee Magazine about how to not only survive a Milwaukee winter but enjoy it -- something that isn't always easy. Her picks are a mix of savory and sweet and high end and low end. And of course she included pancakes: the lemon poppyseed pancakes at Cafe at the Plaza. They sound amazing.

She also endorses the cassoulet at Pastiche in Brown Deer, an off-menu favorite that is incredibly rich and delicious. Hotel Madrid's beef wellington and Char'd Korean Sunday Special also get a nod, as do the s'mores at Hangout MKE. Who doesn't want the memory of a campfire s'more during the dead of winter?

Did you know you can find great arepas at Brookfield Square? There's a counter in the foodcourt at the mall called Arepa's Place that features amazing Venezuelan arepas. What's an arepa, you ask? It's a griddled corn cake filled with meat and cheese and sauces. They're like a sandwich, and they're incredibly satisfying -- especially the ones they serve with a garlic cilantro sauce.

Then we highlight a very special meal for people who love spicy foods from Sap Sap Kitchen. Get all the details on that and more in this week's episode. Stream it below.

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