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What does the future look like for Milwaukee restaurants?

On this week's episode, we have a lot of sad news to share about restaurants closing and events being canceled, although we also have some silver linings to those cancellations and some good news to share about Glorioso's reopening. I also give a happy update about how elevated my dim sum game has become (I made fried shrimp balls recently and they turned out awesome). And of course we share our cookbooks of the week. Stream and read about the episode below.

Don's Diner |

Ann wrote a featured story for Milwaukee Magazine about Milwaukee restaurants that gave her hope during this pandemic. She wrote it during the first weeks of the shutdown, as she watched bars and restaurants close amid all the uncertainty. And many of these businesses were quick to respond, offering curbside pick-up,or delivery, even if they'd never offered delivery before. She reached out to some of her favorite restaurants to figure out how they're adapting. And of course The Tandem's community outreach efforts are mentioned, too.

"There will be restaurants that don’t make it through this 'safer at home' period, and I feel heartbroken for them," Ann wrote. "But I also feel hopeful that this period will create new business models that bridge some of the gaps. There will always be the need for places that feel like home, in all its incarnations. Going forward, perhaps we will see more restaurants that feel like home for a broader section of our community."

We also have a conversation about what the future may hold for restaurants, and whether the current curbside model is tenable. We'll also see how this summer's patio season plays out: Will it help diners adjust to the idea of eating around other people again? And will the state change some of its laws to help restaurants in need? Could we see beer deliveries in the future?

Gloriosos will reopen in June

Cheese at Glorioso's |

Glorioso’s Italian Market has announced its reopening date. The store will open on June 2 after the store closed mid-March as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The main grocery store at 1011 E. Brady St. will reopen to only curbside pickup and delivery. Meanwhile, an express market will open in the store's smaller space across the street. Kudos to them for considering the health and safety of their employees and customers.

Glorioso's online menu is already impressive. They'll have a full selection sardines, cheeses, breads and doughs, frozen foods, pastas and even pasta makers.

In other news, Garlic Fest, hosted by Braise Restaurant, has been canceled. But Braise is planning to offer a Garlic Fest rescue kit from June 19-26 so you can still have those garlic Bloody Marys and pork buns.

West Allis's restaurant scene has been hit especially hard by the pandemic. This week the city saw three permanent closings: Farmer's Wife, Crawdaddy's and Johnny V's Classic Diner have all permanently closed their doors. It's sad to see that happen. Unfortunately, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Restaurants are the life blood of the community, and they're really struggling right now.

Hear us discuss all that below.

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